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Zeep Aftercare's Deluxe Stretch-up Kit includes 3 powerful botanically based products to soothe, heal and maintain your body modifications. One 1/8 oz. tub of our healing Stretch-up Salve, one 1/4 oz. tub of our daily use Plug Primer moisturizing balm, and one bar of our superior skin cleansing Tea Tree Oil & Kelp Soap. Free shipping on this kit for US orders!

Stretch up Salve:
A botanically based ear-lobe stretching salve. Olive oil, locally sourced beeswax, and Comfrey leaf are simmered to plant infused perfection over our wood fired stove. A carefully chosen regimen of essential oils are then blended into our recipe. Disinfect torn skin, soothe rawness, and promote rapid healing with Comfrey, Helichrysim, Tea Tree, Lavender and Thyme essential oils. Based upon proven folk remedies which offer anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-septic, immune stimulating and pain relieving (analgesic) properties.

Instructions: Apply to taper and earlobe when stretching-up. Use daily until healed. May also be used on newly pierced skin.

Ingredients: Comfrey Infused Olive Oil, Local Beeswax, Essential Oils of Helichrysum, Tea Tree, Lavender, & Thyme

Plug Primer:
A powerful plant potion for plug priming perfection. Day to day aftercare for all possible piercings. We start by harvesting Usnea lichen and plantain leaf in the forest and fields of NE Washington state. These herbs are infused in an olive oil and beeswax base imparting anti-bacterial and skin conditioning protection. The final addition of Oakmoss absolute and Cedarwood essential oils imparts an inspiring natural scent.

Instructions: Daily care for the health of your pierced body. Apply to skin before fitting jewelry for flexible, anti-bacterial protection.

Ingredients: Olive Oil Infused with Usnea Lichen & Plantain Leaf, Local Beeswax, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Oakmoss Absolute